50 missing Cine Variety artists.

Anyone knowing anything about the acts below, please let me know. Email me on langmike29@gmail . com or ring 01273-23-25-74 between 8am and 1pm. Thank you.

1. Myrio and Desha.

2.Paula Ruby (Soprano)

3.The Mangan Tiller Girls.

4. Nancy Evans (Soprano)

5. The Seven Graysons ( Springboard and Balancing act)

6.The Three Lorandos ( Comedy Acrobats on a wire)

7. The Eight Dancing Daughters

8. The Four Harmony Kings

9. The Plaza Boys (Dancers)

10. Benson Gray ( Vent)

11. Irwin,Nan and Felix (Comedy Acrobats)

12. Kay and Edna (Tap Dancers)

13. Eddie Sharp (Whistler)

14. Ralph Sylvestor (Songs at the Piano)

15.Les Trois Matras (Acrobats)

16.Avon and Vale (Acrobats)

17. The Andos Family (Japanese Acrobats)

18.Rodney Hudson Dance Group

19.Jack Tracey and Inga Anderson (The Sap and Swell Dame) Billing.

20.The Four Richleys (Acrobats)

21.Johnny Nit (Worlds Greatest Tap Dancer) Billing.

22.Bower and Rutherford (The Joy Bombs) Billing

23. Kit Kat and his Saxophone Rascals

24. Senator Murphy (American Statesman of Political Humour) Billing.

25.The Four Hillbillies- Ted, Ezra, Ben and Lefty.

26. Vicky Roberts.

27. Michael and Hero (Xylophone)

28.Irene Prince (Britain’s Shirley Temple) Billing

29. The Krakajax (BBC Recording Artists) Billing

30.The Two New Yorkers (Comedy and Cleverness) Billing

31.Irwin, Nan and Felix.

32. Oshea and Joan.

33. Carlyle Cousins.

34 Charles Bernard.

35. David Bernard.

36. William Hargreaves.

37.  Ann Joyce.

38. John Patterson.

39.Victor Patterson.

40 The Three Emeralds.

41.Fields and Rossini.

42. Harry and Marjorie Ristori.

43. Charlie Austin.

44. Harry Bedford.

45. Arthur Reece.

46. Nell Calvert.

47. Tom Leamore.

48. 4 Smiths.

49. Hugony Sistors.

50. Donovan and Hayes.


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