My Special Thanks. Source Listings For Cine Variety.

The idea for this book has been in my head for years. I started the manuscript notes sometime in 2006 having loved variety in all it’s forms since being taken as a child to the theatre. During 2007 I was giving talks on my all time favourite act, Mrs Shufflewick, aka Rex Jameson and had been a regular fan of the magazine, The Call Boy, the official journal of The British Music Hall Society. The Editor of that was then, Patrick Newley who I became great friends with, for the first year totally in written weekly letters full of funny gossip which I have kept and hope to get published soon. The idea spun out of control thank goodness. so here I am in 2011 with a basic book on a never ending subject. There were just so many ┬áturns (acts). There were some books including Roy Busby’s British Music Hall An Illustrated Who’s Who 1850 to the Present Day, The People’s Jesters by Eric Midwinter and several by that doyen of alive British comics Roy Hudd OBE some of which are out of print and should most definitely be reprinted.

My computer skills at the time were ok but with age the memory is going. A big thanks to my first secretary the lovely Christine Clark and to my second Danny Vice-Holt who not only typed the final drafts but designed the pictures and the layouts of the book. Both were real stars. Below are most of the other sources used. Anyone left out, I apologize humbly.

Union Cinemas Ritz.Donald Inkster. The Wick 2000.

Cinemas and Theatres of Wandsworth and Battersea. Patrick Loobey. Tempus. 2004.

Insight into Cine-Variety. Norman Long. Era. August 10th 1927.

The Unknown 1930s. Stephen Guy. I B Tauris. 2000.

Essoldo: A Family Business. Frank Manders and Charles Morris. Picture House No 31. 2006

The Granada Tooting in 1934. Picture House. No 34. 2009.

The Granada Theatres. Allen Eyles. CTA. BFI Publishing. 1998.

ABC The First Name In Entertainment. Allen Eyles. CTA. BFI Publishing. 1993.

Blackpool’s Century of Stars. Barry Band. 2002

Cinemas of the Medway towns. John Clancy. Mercia Film Society. 2006

The Age of the Dream Palace. Jeffrey Richards. Routledge. 1984.

Birmingham Cinemas. Christine Wilkinson and Margaret Hanson. Tempus. 2003

Picture Palaces of Liverpool. Harold Ackroyd. The Bluecoat Press. 2002.

Union Cinemas. Brian Hornsey. Fuchsiaprint.

A big thanks to everyone who replied to my adverts in many local papers and The Stage Newspaper London.

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Here you will find lots of information regarding the history of Cine-Variety along with my memoirs of working with many wonderful acts on the variety and cabaret circuit.

Please feel free to contact me at

Mike Lang

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